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Market Update: Indiana, PA

Market Update for our Indiana, PA clients:

May 2022

Understanding the market is vital when buying or selling real estate. Indiana, PA continues to experience a low supply of available homes to buy. This has led to the continuation of what is a called a seller’s market. Much of the country is experiencing a similar issue and this has led to some difficulties for buyers in the area right now. Buyers are increasingly likely to find their offer is not accepted on a home. They are often up against multiple offers, and this can make it very difficult to buy the right property. Here are a few things you can do when shopping for a home right now.

-Work with a Realtor who is knowledgeable of the Indiana market

-Have your preapproval done/secure your financing

-Make offers that are fair and reasonable given the current market

-If you find a home you like, don’t wait too long to submit an offer

-Keep your expectations reasonable, your offer may not be accepted

For those selling a home in Indiana right now it continues to be much easier than buying a home. Sellers will likely receive multiple offers rather quickly. Sellers should work closely with a Realtor to best understand each offer so that you can accept the right offer for you. There can be significant differences between offers and the highest offer is not always the best offer on a home.

Sellers also should keep in mind that preparing their home for sale is still crucial. A home that is well taken care of and ready to show continues to bring better and higher offers. No matter what kind of market it is, a house that is move in ready will typically sell better.

If you have any questions about the Indiana, PA market please call us or visit us on the web. Our website offers you resources and information that can help you when buying or selling real estate.

-The Hazys-

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