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In Search of Acreage

Hazys House Buying Tips #3 (Acreage)

Tress, and fields, and acres Oh MY!

Who doesn’t love a nice and spacious backyard right?

What about upping the ante a bit and finding real estate with some acreage?

This is a tempting prospect for many home buyers. As more developments continue to spring up we have seen the square footage of the homes increase. While the size of yards has tended to decrease. It seems as though many new homes come equipped with thousands of square feet inside with just a postage-stamp-style backyard to enjoy. Of course, as the size of backyards has dwindled down so goes much of our much-prized privacy. This has led many buyers to consider acreage. Consider the following when looking for real estate with acreage.

Acreage Reality Checks:

#1 Not all acreage is created equal:

Each and every piece of land is unique. Some acreage is full of privacy providing trees and forestry. Some land comes with ponds, creeks, and lakes. Some land comes with an apple orchard or cleared land where family reunion football is held each year.

Don’t just hunt for acreage, hunt for the right acreage. Determine what you desire to gain from the acreage and keep that in mind as you go shopping.

#2 How much acreage and where:

There is a huge difference between 1 acre of land on the outskirts of town and 50 acres out in the sticks. The larger the acreage the farther from town you are likely to be and vice versa. Take the time to determine how much acreage you want and how far away from town you are willing to be to get that acreage. 50 acres can be great but consider that a quick trip to the grocery store isn’t likely to be so quick for you.

#3 Caring for your acreage:

Caring for any property takes time and dedication. Caring for acreage requires a more substantial investment of time over the years. Also, each type of land requires different types and amounts of care. Consider some of the maintenance items listed below.

A wooded piece of land may require less weekly care but may require management of dead trees and access points to your property.

An orchard-filled property requires the maintenance of trees to ensure their health and ongoing abilities to yield fruit. Orchards will also require some maintenance of the surrounding plant life on a somewhat frequent basis.

A well-kempt field where kids run and play will likely require the most frequent maintenance. Weekends in the summer may very well be devoted to getting on the tractor and cutting grass for many hours each growing season.

#4 Property taxes:

As the size of your land increases so does your tax burden. Your land is likely worth more than a much smaller lot nearby and the taxing authorities know that. Be prepared to pay more in taxes as you seek more space for yourself and your family.

#5 Resale:

Some day you may want to sell your home and acreage can attract some and detract others. Part of owning any real estate is knowing that not everyone likes every property. Your acreage, good or bad, is going to weigh in on how easy it is to resell. Not everyone will be in the market for 30 acres with a pond. Of course, the right buyer, at the right time may jump all over that. There are no guarantees, so be wise when shopping for that land and consider future needs as well.

Take-Home Message:

Look for the property that best suits your needs, wants, and budget. Don’t be afraid to buy the right property for you, but be prepared for all the responsibilities that go along with that. Having more space and privacy can allow a homeowner to really enjoy so much of their home. Those who own large pieces of land are likely to find great enjoyment for themselves and their family. Large lots offer so much of what is missing in some of today's most cramped areas where it sometimes feels like you are living on top of one another. So go ahead and look for that acreage if it’s right for you!

Happy House Hunting!

-The Hazys

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