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Green Thumbin' It

Hazys House Buying Tips #1 (Lawns)

Bees are buzzing, kids are playing, ice cream trucks are jingling, birds are chirping, and lawn mowers are......... mowing?

There’s nothing like getting outside on a beautiful day, putting on your old grass-stained sneakers, and taking care of that curb appeal. There is something so appealing to a fresh cut lawn. Maybe you are a notch above the rest, that homeowner who nails it each growing season and has the perfect lawn, complete with those much-coveted stripes. In a perfect world everyone’s lawn would look like this.

However, we don’t all live by yard care enthusiasts and those with the greenest of thumbs. Many of us have had a neighbor that simply doesn’t take care of things. Their lawns are easiest to spot, usually overgrown with weeds and a plentitude of bare patches. These are the lawns that squirrels wander into, only to never be found again. While your lawn looks like the previous picture, your neighbor’s looks more like this.

Outside of taking care of your neighbor’s lawn for them or taking them to the local garden center on weekends for supplies, there is not a whole lot you can do to alleviate those eye sores. That is why when shopping for a new home it is best to take a drive around the neighborhood and see what the consensus is with regards to curb appeal in that area. Some neighborhoods are full of well-tended to, park-like lawns. Some are chalk full of houses and yards that remind you of October 31st. Do yourself the favor and take a drive before you buy. You may decide that particular house is great but the general feel of the neighborhood is off to you. Each buyer is different and needs to weigh the pros and cons of each house and area that house is located in. Do your homework before you buy so you can feel free to enjoy your neck of the woods for a long time to come!

Happy House Hunting!

-The Hazys

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