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Clean, Clean, Clean

Hazys House Selling Tips #1 (Clean, Clean, Clean)

Nobody wants to list their home for sale and wait months or even years for it to sell. Nobody, including you or your Realtor. Selling your home fast is always one of the top priorities. Another main goal is to get the best price. To meet both of these goals there are many things you can do. A quick online search will yield a variety of results including staging, painting, landscaping, new windows, etc. All of these are good and can certainly bring about a quick and reasonable sale for you.

But it seems we may be at risk of not taking care of one of the most basic things. That thing we may be skipping over is the general cleanliness of your home. That’s right, how clean is it? Are your toilets scrubbed? Are there furballs roaming your hardwood floors? Is their soap scum on your tub?

No matter how nice the upgrades, the landscaping, the roof, or the curb appeal, cleanliness matters!

The first time someone takes a tour of your home they will notice how well you clean.

So many of us don’t have the money to buy a new furnace or repave the driveway. Most of us have the means though to spend a few dollars on some basic cleaning supplies before we list a home. Cleaning your home shows that you cared for it. A dirty home show doesn’t “show” well and can very well lead to lower offers and buyer hesitation to even make an offer. Be careful when your home is listed for sale. Clean your home before you list it and keep it clean for the duration of time it is listed for sale.

Until next time.

-The Hazys

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