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Hazys House Buying Tips #2 (Pools)

It’s a hot summer day in Western Pennsylvania. You’re spending your day at a local swimming pool and enjoying a seemingly worry-free day. The only real thing on your mind is relaxing and eventually enjoying a blue raspberry snow cone at the snack center after your dip. It doesn’t get much better than this is all you can think. While basking in the sunshine and ease of the day you begin to daydream about buying that home you saw online with the beautiful swimming pool. You know the one, the pool with the natural stone waterfall and pool house. That would be the life. Weekends all summer long would be filled with rest and relaxation. No worries about other people in the pool with you. No loud and pesky intruders who try to destroy your peace and quiet with all that splashing and carrying on. Getting your own pool and maybe even your own snow cone machine would be nothing shy of sheer perfection in your mind that day.

This sounds great, right?

Here are some practical things to consider before jumping into your own pool.

Poolside Reality Checks:

#1 Summertime Weather:

It’s Western Pennsylvania and the summers are relatively short in comparison to places like Florida and South Carolina. Pools can add a great deal of enjoyment for a homeowner but for how many days each year? This doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker for you, but it is something to factor into your decision when considering buying a piece of real estate with a pool.

#2 Fences and Insurance:

It is also wise to keep in mind that there are security and insurance needs to factor in. You will have to check with your local authorities as well as your insurance company to best determine what requirements there are for pool owners. You will likely find that there is a fencing and signposting requirement. There is also the likelihood that you will pay more for homeowners’ insurance.

#3 Cleaning and Chemicals:

Enjoying your own pool requires more maintenance than many of us are likely prepared for. Having a pool requires not just the skimming of leaves and other debris from the surface but will also require the regular management of Ph balance so that you can safely enjoy your pool. Keep in mind also that in addition to the investment of time, there of course is the investment of money given that pool chemicals and other supplies will impact the bank account.

#4 Safety:

Pools are great fun and can be safely enjoyed by the entire family. Of course, they can also pose a real safety risk for kids. If you have kids or plan to in the future, consider the pool in question and what you can do to protect little ones from gaining access when you are not there to supervise them directly.

#5 Resale:

Taking into account all the previous considerations, it is understandable that many house shoppers simply aren’t in the market for a property with a pool. Understand that this can reduce the pool (pun intended) of potential home buyers when you choose to sell. Selling a home with a pool in Florida would likely be easier than selling one in Monroeville.

Take-Home Message:

This should not dissuade you from searching for your own private backyard oasis. The truth is that a pool can be a great thing to have. Pools are great fun and can be enjoyed safely many days each year, even in Western Pennsylvania. Don’t be afraid to buy the house that is right for you. Each buyer has different needs, preferences, and desires. If a pool is in your future, stock up on sunscreen, keep your sunglasses handy, and go ahead and shop for that snow cone machine.

Happy House Hunting!

-The Hazys

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