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Bring Out the Tape Measure

Hazys House Buying Tips #5 (Square Footage)

When checking out homes we tend to focus on four main numbers.

1. Price of home.

2. Number of bedrooms

3. Number of bathrooms

4. Square footage

There is no denying that square footage is a very important number when searching for your next home. Simply put, the larger this number the better right? As tempting as that can be, keep reading to learn about other things to consider when it comes to square footage.

Square Footage Reality Checks:

#1 Someone’s gotta clean it:

The larger the home the more time it will take you to clean it. You will spend time cleaning your house and the more house you have, the more time it will take to clean. This is no small thing to consider given that life is already busy and spending large amounts of your free time cleaning may not be the lifestyle you long for. Consider your weekly chores when considering large homes. Some of us are very efficient in our cleaning chores and this would be no big deal. Others may feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with a larger home.

#2 Bedroom size:

The square footage in a bedroom is a big deal. Some houses showcase bedrooms that are bigger than some apartments. Other houses have bedrooms that are shoehorned in to get that extra bedroom. Either way, bedrooms should be comfortable for the entire family. Imagine having room for a full-length sofa in your room while having to limit the number of books your kid can have due to their tiny room.

***A special note, bedroom size is of particular importance for families with more kids than bedrooms. When sharing of bedrooms must occur square footage is a major factor to consider.

#3 Bathroom size:

Very similar to bedroom size is bathroom size. Bathrooms should be large enough, to well…. ummm…. you know... do what’s gotta be done right?

Large bathrooms are great but also consider the amount of square footage that a bathroom may encompass that could have been best utilized elsewhere. Some houses may, to their detriment, sacrifice more crucial living space for the sake of a bathroom where jumping jacks and planks can be done.

Suffice it to say, there is a middle ground where bathrooms are just the right size without being ridiculously big or absurdly small.

#4 Hide and seek:

A large home can be great for games of hide and seek with the little ones, even with your spouse, for those who are young at heart! Hiding in the far recesses of the house waiting for your little one to come find you can offer much joy and laughter when they are young.

As we get older the games of hide and seek though may turn into games of hideout for the day when they are teens. Our lives tend to be filled with devices that offer us personal experiences and escape from our immediate surroundings. Some families may find that adding on square footage to their lives also adds a distance from the other members of their home.

Consider both the pros and cons of square footage and its possible impact on family life.

#5: Entertaining and other enjoyments

For those who love to entertain guests and host get-togethers at their homes, square footage is practically essential. Similarly, if you are a woodworking enthusiast, you will certainly need room for all your equipment.

Consider where the square footage is most important to you and your family. Some really need that extra big kitchen and dining room. Others may need that huge living room for hosting a book club.

Still, others may need that extra spacious basement area for exercise so the planking and jumping jacks can go on there and not in the bathroom!

Either way, consider where you need the square footage the most.

Take-Home Message:

When considering the square footage of a home there is no short answer. Each owner and family will need and want a variety of things from their home. If you need and want a larger home, go for it. If less square footage suits you the best, go for it. One size does not fit all when shopping for a home.

Make sure that you are buying the right home for you. Shopping wisely for your next home will likely result in fewer moves and increased enjoyment for you and your family in the years to come.

Oh, real quick, don't forget the extra space and ear plugs needed for when your kid decides to be a drummer!

Until next time.

Happy House Hunting!

-The Hazys

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